Glacier National Park Backpack

Last week I did a week long photography trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. For three of those days I did a backpack in the Two Medicine area of the park. 

Fall colors were starting to show in the higher elevations of my trip (this was from day 2).

The weather was excellent on the first day as I start down the trail to my first night's destination: No Name Lake (Yes that is really the name). On the left is Two Medicine Lake.

The Blackfeet Indians used the Two Medicine area I was in for vision quests and hunting.

No Name Lake still had some snow from a storm the week before.

A quarter moon rises above the lake.

Sunrise on the lake reflects Rising Wolf Mountain. 

A wider view of the sunrise.

Me drinking some coffee I made with a small stove, foreground.

Trail traffic jam, bighorn sheep on the way to Dawson Pass.

It was a thrill to the see bighorn sheep so high up in the backcountry of Glacier!

Nice view looking from Dawson Pass back toward Two Medicine Lake.

Part of a weather worn tree. 

Heading towards Upper Two Medicine Lake with fall colors starting to show.

Mountain Ash berries.

My second night campsite was very close to Upper Two Medicine Lake and a great view at dusk.

Smoke and clouds in the twilight sky.

The next morning a moose near my campsite!

Actually two moose near my campsite.

Two grizzly bear siblings (look closely in the middle of the photo) on my last day of the backpack!

After the backpack time for some cinnamon and huckleberry rolls.

Glacier National Park is great for backpacks and day hikes!  I always carry bear spray. I have never had to use it but I am glad it's on my belt in easy reach just in case. Mileage for day one: 5 miles, day two: 7 miles, day three 4.6 miles.